18/2/16 Driving to Perfection Testimonials

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18/2/16 Driving to Perfection testimonials...

brian-fielkow-headshot“Put simply, John Barley is a visionary.  While many in the insurance industry are focused on paying losses,  John has devoted his career to preventing losses.  However,  John’s loss prevention roadmap is quite unique.  John starts with the premise that for a company to be healthy,  its employees first must be healthy, physically and mentally.   John’s approach, therefore, is holistic.  He helps his clients prosper by providing them with tools for individual and organizational health.   When these related components are functioning well, then sustained loss prevention can occur.  While some may consider John’s approach as common sense and  intuitive, then  I  would have to ask why more companies do not integrate this into their cultures.   John is launching a true revolution in New Zealand, and it is an honor for me to support John as he executes upon his vital mission.

Brian Fielkow (CEO of Jetco, Texas USA)

“It has been of great interest listening to John during recent times explaining the relationship of good food and correct lifestyle changes in order that we can maximise our performance at work, and whatever other pursuits we might aspire to."
"The discovery of his own health condition catalysed him into intensive reading and studying in order to understand how to overcome his own health situation, which he did.  Then with some lateral thinking and the seeking out and the gaining of attention of people within the field of his study,  has all resulted in, without question, a person of both knowledge and insight into a way of thinking and acting that could assist in improving the health and lifestyles of workforces within companies, industries and office places everywhere, and the consequential improvements in performance."
"Everyone should read about and listen to John Barley - he presents opportunities that all of us can gain from.  Keep at it John! Great to know someone who is well outside the square!”
Ian Wilson (Tasman Tanning Co Ltd, Wanganui)

"I have known John initially as a business colleague and then as a good friend.   In business John has always been a lateral thinker, displaying a curiosity and exercising an inquiring mind is second nature to him.  Without these qualities he wouldn’t be John Barley!   In our industry many have been well employed and seen as productive who have only just done the job.  John takes a serious interest in doing much more than just ‘the job’ and from this approach and its execution his colleagues and clients invariably benefit."

"John is never afraid to advance a new or speculative idea and to debate and discuss it without fear or favour.  He is a good listener as well as a convincing arguer.  These days when we meet, whilst we still have a strong and worthwhile business relationship, most of our time is taken up by good conversation exploring the wider issues of life rather than the humdrum of day to day business matters.  John is a favourite person for me to visit and often, when I have some spare time during a visit to Auckland, I will go out of my way to at least have a brief catch up.  Always I come away from these visits with a new idea, a fresh way of looking at an issue or at the least stimulated and refreshed.  Spending time with John is an excellent idea in itself."

Murray Rosser (Director of Rosser Underwriting Ltd)