Is a Business defined by Culture?

Is a Business defined by Culture?Or is it more deeply defined by it’s ‘DNA’? Well here we are in some café in the township of Waipukerau called Century Café. Most of the customers are women sharing in their daily stories of their lives. Some will be happy stories of their lives or their part


MAYBE WE CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTHMotor accidents - 14 fatalities over the week since Friday, 6th October 2017. “We can’t handle the truth!” What was the name of the film where Tom Cruise was the lawyer as prosecutor in a Court Marshall and the general of the Marines said "you want the truth. Y

Understanding risk through Maintenance and Monitoring

Understanding risk throughMaintenance and Monitoring Imagine being able to run a monitor over the backbone of your business and determine the probabilities of a loss or the heightened risk. How would that change your perception of risk in your business? Your business back bone is really “the spine

What can we LEARN from the LEADERS DEBATE – ELECTION 2017?

What can we learn from the LEADERS DEBATE - ELECTION 2017? Last night on TV 1 they had the Leaders debate for the election 2017. What were the words that grabbed your attention the most? Was it about taxation, was it immigration, was it housing, was it the Capital Gains Tax or was it ‘people matte

Perspective versus perception versus values

Perspective versus perception versus valuesThe dictionary describesPerspective: the ability to see it, the appearance of objects buildings relative to each other. Perception: awareness or consciousness, view. Values as: moral principles and beliefs Would it not be great if we could all understand on

Work Life Balance : Working to Live or Living to Work

Work Life Balance :Working to Live?or Living to Work?Or is there something different?Imagine being able to work in a industry or career where our passions were fulfilled and we had a sense of purpose with our life? The work would be not so much of a hardship but a pleasure, we would experience true

The Soul of Business

The Soul of Business Does a business have a Soul? Does a business have a heart? Does a business breathe? Does it need to breathe? Accountants and other business officials say that a business is an entity of its own right and some say that it is seen as a living entity. Makes sense as there are many