It’s a game changer & a no brainer:

  • Is your thinking on the right track?
  • Are you starting to ask questions looking for solutions?

Like a change in points on a railway track just a quick flick of the switch and you can be travelling on another track in another direction.  In the past these changes have been subject to luck or a conscious decision.  So which track of thinking and action are you on now?  Are you conscious that maybe you don’t know?

In business it is as though our lives are being controlled by a Navman.  We input the destination and the Navman tells us the direct route regardless of traffic jams and road works.

The same old routes that everyone else goes down because that’s what Navman tells us.  It’s a computer - it doesn’t think.

What if we took the time to think and had the  freedom to choose other routes that are not so cluttered?  ‘Thinking’ today is generally about taking the well trodden routes.  But everyone else is on this same route, all competing for the same space, all leading in the same direction, without viewing the other options. Because it’s easy.

You have an opportunity today to travel down a new track - it will be exciting, refreshing, possibly challenging and provide opportunities that you may never have imagined existed.  It will require application of knowledge and tools which we can show you.

Knowledge is important but it is understanding of its application which is paramount - the understanding is the process of thinking about the track which is available to you.

This new track is a game changer for your business, your life and hopefully your finances.

Let me give a brief example - The football coach has a set play and will make a game changer by using the talents of the players playing in their optimum places and with new strategies.  Our thinking is that you can optimise the known resources of your business by rediscovering the energy which lays dormant in your business.

What this puzzle does is represent how with simple moves of 3 pieces you can change the direction.



But it also defines one’s perception of the challenge.  It’s how you perceive and understand the construct of the puzzle.

With the movement of just 3 resources the direction of your business will alter.  Slowly at first then by optimising the positives outcomes, the ease of change becomes easier.

There are 3 sciences that our thinking within RiteTrack crosses over - biology, psychology and economics.  They are 3 different yet connected areas of science to create one new track of thinking - string theory.

This period of our business environment is exciting and full of opportunities and has huge potential for growth for you and your business.  You will be back in control defining your own projects.

In the 1500s there was a period of poverty, oppression, disease, plague and autocratic rulers.

But in this time came a period of the renaissance people such as William Shakespeare, Leonardo Dev Vinci.  In the life of  William Shakespeare he provided an expansion of people’s thinking and communication skills by creating new words.

The principal aspects were in the expansion of people’s thinking with language (William Shakespeare, discovery of the poem written by Lucretius which was subsequently included within the Declaration of Independence, the right of ‘life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness’ and finally Luca Pacioli who developed bookkeeping to prove to religious authorities that merchants were god-fearing men.

Compare with today’s world of business:

  1. Huge interest rates
  2. Lack of funds
  3. Unproductive staff
  4. Tightened markets
  5. Increased costs
  6. Government regulation

It may all feel oppressive yet compare this to period 450-500 years ago.  The fundamental connection between the 3 lives and stories are connection through one concept ‘discovery’ and thus the creation of a time called the Rennaisance.

We are in a new time of rediscovery and a renaissance of life and business.