Health by Design


At Health by Design we take health seriously.

We understand that your health and the health of your employees, directly affects your business.

Staff morale, turnover, absenteeism, productivity, professionalism, mistakes and accidents, motivation and profitability are all linked to health. Added to this, are the legal obligations for businesses to provide a healthy and safe work environment.

Our mission is to help you maximise your own health and the health of your staff to positively impact your business.

We have created The True Health Assessment - a 15 minute online personalised health assessment. Once the applicant has completed the assessment they are provided with a comprehensive health plan. We assist them to implement the health plan.  The assessment and health plan are free of charge. We do not charge for our time and expertise to implement the plan. We are remunerated by the product provider of the health products. A win / win scenario for you and us.

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