Here we go AGAIN

Here we go again!

Some months ago driving my classic car down the motorway on the outside lane my right front tyre explodes. Suddenly I have to deal with a car that is out of control at a speed of 100kph. My wife (at the time) was sitting next to me.

She says nothing. No screaming no immediate clutching of my leg or arm. We are both in shock. I have to get the car over to the shoulder of the motor way where we can be safe. The car can be safe from any further damage.

Three things went through my mind within quick succession 1) Oh my god what just happened 2) How do I get the car to the side of the motor way? 3) How did that happen?

Our personal safety seemed irrelevant. It was not until the car came to a stop I checked with my wife to see if she was okay. I was okay but still full of adrenalin rushing through my veins.

As I looked at the damaged tyre and the mag wheel, I realized that I had been warned by fellow car club members that such events occur. When the tyres on the vehicle are more than five years old and the car has been sitting in one spot for periods on excess of a month the tyres start to break down. When I was told of the risk I made a mental note that I must get the tyres changed.

Time has a way of diluting the urgency and the point of reference – our safety. Our safety is paramount but when there are incidents like this it disrupts and interferes with our plans. We become frustrated. Sometimes if the challenge is severe we become traumatized. Yet “here we go again,” we keep making the same mistake and doing the same things.

This event was severe. The tyre explosion inconvenienced our day and private while the wheel and tyre was repaired. Was it my fault or the tyres fault that we were inconvenienced and suddenly incurring unnecessary costs?

We keep having those “Here we go again” moments in our business and business relationships! These “Here we go again” moments are sometimes expensive. Sometimes they can be insured.

Why do we keep doing this to ourselves and expect a different result? Is this not Einstein’s quote of insanity. Maybe the insurance industry should have an ‘Insanity clause” included within the policy wordings.

We know it costs money. Sometimes serious money! The “here we go again” is time wasting while we attempt to sort out the challenge. Yet we have been warned! We have registered the signals and warning signals. Your valuable time is worth money!

We become comfortable with the discomfort. We appear to be happy to wait for the loss or the event to occur. In fact we are probably subconsciously becoming stressed and in fear of the event occurring. The Law of Attraction works well when you don’t want it too.

The course units provided by RiteTrack gives insight and steps to permit the exploration of methods to eliminate and avoid these ‘Here we go again moments”. They provide the path and journey to spend more of valuable time being effective, efficient and productive. The ability to retain our hard earned dollars.

One of the comments we often hear is “I just don’t have enough time.” by business owners or leaders. Our units provided for a really minor investment, considering the time that can be saved from those “here we go again” moments, can actually provide an excellent return on your investment.

Take the RiteTrack journey with us and buy your ticket with the purchase of the units supplied. Have a break away from those insane “Here we go again” moments to create greater opportunities to create more money.