Is a Business defined by Culture?

Is a Business defined by Culture?

Or is it more deeply defined by it’s ‘DNA’?

Well here we are in some café in the township of Waipukerau called Century Café. Most of the customers are women sharing in their daily stories of their lives. Some will be happy stories of their lives or their partners. Some will be happy stories of promise and opportunities of their children. Some of the stories will be centred around their health or the health of friends family and neighbours.

Sparrows come into visit hoping along the floor to pick up a crumb or two to have their daily treats Not such an issue for food hygiene or safety of the sparrow and least of all the customers. It’s the way of a relaxed contented world of a time past.

The local newspaper today had an article of how our DNA can determine our future. The activities behaviours, beliefs, values of the past generations determine our futures. Apparently they will be looking at the ancestory of Jacinta Ardern and her DNA in the programme.

Can we determine the same for the history of the township of Waipukerau? It’s the town’s 150 year anniversary. Can we determine the same for a business? Will the town have a DNA or will a business have a DNA which will determine it’s history?

As the clock ticks the life in the café changes as customers change. It is lunch time. The change in tempo is the life blood of the café. The tempo defines the DNA of the business as its people respond to the demands of the customers.

In the Real Estate companies windows there is evidence of progress as the properties once advertised for sale now have the sold sign on the page stuck to the window. Is the DNA of Waipukerau of survival of 150 years determining its future and the futures of those people that visit the café and others in the township?
Is it the township’s DNA of survival or the people that live in the township? Is it the DNA that determines people’s ability to be resilient and loyal to the township?
These are my perceptions of the immediate environment around me. They could be completely different to those in the town. They cannot be determined or measured to give us a perspective. It does however raise some interesting questions about the health and welfare of the town but also the health and welfare of the café . A business with people.

Does the DNA of a business determine its success or failure? Is it the people within the organization and its leaders DNA that determines the future success? Could it be both? Do we consider the factors and the interaction between customers? The people that work within the business and its leader? Or are we buried in our day to day existence trying to just survive and don’t have time or interest in asking these questions? What if we did have time to sit and ask the questions?
It is the DNA of the people within the organisation that determines the success or failure of the business. The survival of the café is determined by the people that visit and the interaction with the people within the business. It’s a balance between the two. The experience that the customers have in their selection of food from the various food categories. Cakes and deserts are not selling well as customers select based on their perceived value .The sparrows though are still being catered for.

So does the DNA of a business and its people also determine the ability of its people to prevent losses occurring? Can the DNA of a business determine the growth and its sustainability? Can we have resilience with out dependence upon insurance to prevent financial collapse should a disaster occur?
It’s the DNA of the people within the business and the DNA of the people interacting with the business that determines the success or failure of prevention of loss as a practice. Like the people within the café. Customers and employees and the leader acting in unison like a large organism. The business has a life. All life to be successful needs its DNA.

In these times of change and never ending pressures of the desire for growth and success we need to understand our DNA All businesses need to be resilient and want to become successful and handle the world of change. So the DNA of the people within the business need to be able to change in accordance with the pressures placed upon it. With pressure and extra stress placed upon the business and its people the probability of loss increases. By understanding the risks we can prevent many of the losses that occur within a business.
Is your business ready for change and is its DNA and the people within ready for change? Are they resilient and is it sustainable so that it can maintain its growth?

Ritetrack NZ Limited will analyze with you the risks of the business. We look at and uncover the unknown risks that exist within the business by understanding the DNA of the business .We look at the interrelationships between the business, its people and its customers.

The Century Café is going to be here for some time I feel .Its customers will keep coming as the DNA of the business seems to be alive and well. However that’s only my perception

Hot pies and chips seem to the order of the day.