Scribble Patterns are a form of art work that was done in school, enabling our minds to define and play with colour and experiment with shapes.

From an adult perspective what can a scribble pattern determine? The difference between a good pattern or an ordinary or excellent pattern is the ability to make patterns within patterns.

Can we apply the same with our businesses? Do we have the same pattern of doing things as our competitors? If by changing some factors within the pattern could we create a totally different and better business? A minor adjustment in the pattern could prevent claims or losses and wastage. What would be the effect on your bottom line? What’s the collateral damage if you don’t?

Scribble Patterns are great analogies for business. Why? A pattern shows all the different factors (colours , lines of communication ) that can create the whole . The manner in which the factors are imagined, created, and formed make the business different from its competitors. There are many different combinations. Think of the lines within being the supply chain of information, raw materials, or capital for investment. How can we change them?

What would happen if we changed any one of those factors? Changing just one factor without considering the others could increase the probability of a loss or wastage within the business. Do the existing patterns in your business create losses, claims, and wastage that could be prevented? How are all the factors affected? What is your perspective? How do your customers and suppliers perceive your patterns?

Scribble Patterns can also define culture and activities of your business, how the factors are all interrelated and interdependent. How many changes can you make that will change the look of the pattern and thus the final result? How will the changes affect your business culture and environment?

If you were to draw a Scribble Pattern for your business what would that look like? What colours would you use to help define your business and culture?

Subconsciously your scribble pattern could be how you perceive your business
- perhaps its not such a childish pastime after all.