TEAMwork Demystified

TEAMwork Demystified

(an interactive workshop)

What makes great sports teams winners?

We seem to focus more on sports than business.

Yet we all know that high performance teams are the secret to success - not only in sport, but also in business.

This workshop run by Keith Robinson of Dharma & Associates and John Barley of Rite Track will allow you to discover key points that will enable you to build a winning team within your business.

A team that wins its own race to make a difference in your business.

Because of the unique style and focus, attendees will discover insights as to the major points that make a winning team.

Previous workshop attendee comments:

“I can thoroughly recommend the seminar…
The content was interesting and thought provoking. It helped highlight issues in businesses and gave practical ways to improve performance.”

“…an interactive session which drew out a wide range of thought provoking ideas and enthusiastic discussion from the attendees.”

What’s in it for you:

  • Find a different approach to sustainable growth.
  • Reduce risks in your business environment
  • Learn in a friendly interactive manner
  • How to optimise performance without spending more money
  • How to develop a high performance team by enabling existing team members

Attendees will discover a different approach to the age-old question – “How do we make more from what we have without spending more?”

Workshop Details:

  • Date: 15th May, 2017
  • Start time: 5.30pm

The Exhibition Gallery,
19a Osborne Street, NewMarket, Auckland

There is convenient parking close to the event - we’ll send you a diagram with confirmation of your registration.

Investment - $20.00 per attendee.

Space is limited so we can provide value to participants in an interactive thought provoking environment.

Light refreshments included: beer, wine, snacks.


Book now to secure your seat:

Phone:    John Barley, 09 827-7266