The RiteTrack Brochure

A business owner asked the other day: How we would define ourselves?

I said: “Could you imagine a guide dressed in many colours looking like a multilevel liquorice allsorts and carrying a magnifying glass?”

Ritetrack is a “guide” to business owners. We are not mentors or coaches. We are guides. There are many levels of our guidance and expertise that we can offer to business owners and people that work within business environment. The magnifying glass symbolizes that we investigate and discover patterns that define those unknown risks that exist in every business of every size.

Like a Liquorice Allsorts there are many layers to our service that we can offer to any business. Each layer has a cost but to buy the services under number 5 you receive the combo deal.

  1. Guidance for new business owners. We give guidance on the risks that you should be aware of as new business owners. We do not sell you insurance.
  2. Claims service. We work for you as you pay us a fee. We work with you on the claim forms to ensure that the claims information is correct and we give the true story to the insurers so that it is quickly dealt with without delay in settlement. We can work with your insurance broker if you wish. We administer the claim for you giving you continual feedback.
  3. Recovery service. Some losses are not insured and or the loss needs to be recovered from the negligent third party. I.e. the cartage company that moved your product to your customer or from your supplier.
  4. Claims and Loss assessment and analysis. Many businesses have losses or claims or near misses. Yet no one collates them and establishes the value to the business in terms of lost time ,effort , and possibly lost contracts /sales
  5. Consultancy /guidance. Creating and building an understanding of the patterns that exist within a business. By understanding the patterns we put into practice programmes that will prevent the patterns from occurring and thus prevent the losses, claims, wastage and errors. The result is increased bottom line profits and growth of the business.

To find out more about our service please contact us on 027 289 3162 or email solutions or complete our online contact form and we will respond back to you within the working day.

The first hour of discussion and guidance is free of charge.

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Bernie Woods. The security Company Limited

John F Barley owner and director of Ritetrack and is a Compassionate Capitalist using the philosophy of Stoicism and the practice of equanimity to create a win win win environment for all parties.

Ritetrack is a business which fits within the education industry as many of its models and practices have been based on research and experience. The research has not only been on the subject of risk and insurance products but also in excess of 40 years’ experience in the insurance industry including 19 years as owner and operator of Barley Insurances Limited. The research covers off such subjects as Quantum physics, Cellular Biology, Psychology and philosophy. This research has provided to you a very holistic approach and understanding of the world of risk within business.