What is RiteTrack NZ Ltd.?

What is Ritetrack NZ LTD?

We are not about selling you products such as insurance policies. We don’t sell software packages or machinery. We don’t sell promises or guarantees. We provide guidance based on the philosophy of stoicism.

Ritetrack NZ Ltd is about you and your company, your business, your environment, your life. We can do all the research we want on your company if we wanted to. The research would only tell us about the shop front and the image you wish to put out in the market. We are interested in what goes on behind the public image. To achieve this we need your trust and understanding of our objectives and purpose of our existence.

Our objective and purpose is to enable small and medium sized companies and corporates to be:

  1. Resilient
  2. Less dependent on insurance
  3. Secure with growth in bottom line profits
  4. Consistently able to grow in the six areas of capital wealth that exist in all businesses
  5. Expert at preventing wastage, claims, and losses
  6. Visionary, recognising changes in culture within their business
  7. Adept at removing stress from the lives of the people that work within their businesses including sole traders
  8. Re-energized with drive to gain knowledge and insights from different philosophies, that have existed for well over 2000 years, to enrich their business.

We achieve this by engaging with you and those that work within your business to obtain an understanding and measurement of the patterns that exist.

Looking at various symptoms, we define their causes so the business owner and his people understand the risks associated with those patterns. We work with your other advisors, such as your accountant and IT support. We can and are more than willing to work with your insurance advisors.

Ritetrack NZ Ltd provides business owners guidance and insight allowing their business to grow. Guidance is on a continual basis you consider our services and insight are no longer required. We create an enduring relationship to add value to you, your people and your business. As Lady Diana said in that famous interview ‘There are three parties involved in this marriage”. So it is with businesses.

We are not mentors and we are not coaches. Ritetrack NZ Ltd is a guide, taking your through a landscape of risks. Those risks are both known and unknown, yet each risk can be devastating to a business. We don’t work against insurance, we work to establish the relevance of insurance to your business. By becoming resilient your dependency on insurance reduces. There are savings already for business owners.

As a guide it's always worthwhile to keep clients up to date with current thought. Every week we intend to do a posting /letter to our clients or prospective clients to keep those in businesses informed of thought trends. This service is free. If you would like to know about a topic on prevention of risk let us know and we will provide the information to you.

Commonly discussed topics we will look at in the coming weeks:

  • Employment issues and how people handle stress within the workplace
  • What is leadership?
  • Engagement of people within your business to optimize performance
  • Health and Safety
  • Cyber Crime and the low uptake of insurance cover
  • Understanding the importance of and the difference between IQ and EQ

Initially, workshops will be held in Pukekohe, after business hours, and will be about two hours long. We will share some understanding and valuable insights around risks existing in any business, in our style - of engagement and sharing of thoughts of attendees.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss any of the content of this newsletter please phone John on 027 289 3162.

Don’t forget that free cup of coffee and doughnut to discuss your concerns on risk in your business.