Work Life Balance : Working to Live or Living to Work

Work Life Balance :

Working to Live?
or Living to Work?

Or is there something different?

Imagine being able to work in a industry or career where our passions were fulfilled and we had a sense of purpose with our life? The work would be not so much of a hardship but a pleasure, we would experience true happiness!

The name of a balanced element is a 'noble gas'. A noble gas is a balanced element. It attracts like elements to create energy and light (e.g. neon bulb). The mere fact that it is a gas indicates high energy level. It does not have to share electrons or take on electrons to gain balance.

Balance in life must be the ability to 'be' As Shakespeare’s prose ' be or not to be. That is the question...'. The ability to be and be happy with what one has, to want nothing more. To be in balance and be aware of youself and your environment. To interact with the outside world with confidence.

Many people immediately consider the symbol of Yin and Yang but do they understand it?

The symbol is one of change. It continually changes as your eyes look at the balanced colour between black and white . The symbol tells us that there are opposites to our existence to provide that balance.

The picture of a rock balancing on another is often used. It seems easy - but our minds and the pressures of life tell us otherwise, distorting the truth.

When events occur whether they are bad or good they present opportunities for learning. We all have accidents, make mistakes and errors in our lives. If we did not we would not learn. When these things occur it is due to some other underlying problem and cause. The accidents, errors, and illnesses are purely symptoms of underlying causes where we have become unbalanced in our lives due to too much stress, not eating well, or not having time to think before we act. This is a very simplistic way of viewing the situation and there are many other factors that can be included and thought about. We must think about them.

"Working to live or Living to Work" has a mechanical aspect:
being able to live is a consequence of being able to work - working will as a consequence permit you to live.

Is living mechanical?

Many years ago, pre 1900s, the medical fraternity thought that the functionality of the human body was mechanical following through with Newtonian laws of cause and effect. We have since learnt over the last 50 years that there are many factors and energies that create the ability to live, for life to exist. For life to flourish, there needs to be a balanced ecosystem. Ecosystems exist in business as much as they exist in nature. It is where there is an imbalance that mistakes or loss occurs. Life and living needs to be in flow.

When there is interference with that flow then there is an imbalance in our lives.

These factors and energies need to be in balance to ensure we can withstand the stressors in our lives created by work, the work environment, the home environment, and the general demands of life - including our drive for success. Without balance in these factors and energies like the balance of electrons in Noble gases, we will be forever searching for the ultimate answer to give us perceived balance:

To be in balance with the world around us and thus not feel depressed or anxious or living in fear. To trust in your self. To be.

We take this fear with us. We take it to work with us - we take it home after a day at work, we take it with us in our sleep, and we deplete our energy accordingly so we start on a downward spiral which affects not only our home life but our work life as well. Thus we become chained to our perceptions of our environment. We start to believe that the only way forward is to work harder to achieve and have the rewards of success. If those rewards do not come forward or the stress becomes too great then something inside will break or malfunction. One such malfunction is cancer, fuelled by stress and other toxins.

In our drive for our lives to be successful we work harder thus creating more stress - our bodies and our minds become unbalanced. Our immediate environment home and work becomes unbalanced. Thus our dreams and wishes start to delaminate where all you have left is the necessity ‘TO BE”.

There are symptoms of not being in balance in your life.

Some are recognized physically, some psychologically, and some spiritually.

The consequences of which can be devastating to yourself and to those around you - those that you work with and those that you love and care for.

They literally watch you disappear from your former self to a mere memory and have no idea what is causing this change in your life or in theirs.



So what can you do?

Hippocrates said 'food is our medicine and medicine is our food'. However in those days we did not have fast food outlets, we grew most of our own food and the soils were not depleted or altered by toxins.

  • Have a look at the foods you consume and work towards a balanced diet.
  • Check for food allergies.Stay off the foods that create the allergies. Allergies can be in many forms. Some are not physically apparent but they are manifest psychologically - your temperament changes .Irritability, not sleeping well, stressed, etc
  • Check out your physical frame. The spinal cord health is vitally important. As we get older the spinal cord twists and it can actually not function as it should. Sending messages to your brain as to the health of the rest of the body. So your spinal column is a feedback system.
  • Spiritually. This is as important as the two above. We pay little attention to our soul. Our soul needs to speak to us but we must also be balanced spiritually. We won’t go into this right now. Your soul determines the passions that you have for life and the people in your life
  • In regards to business and having balance in your work life you need to be aware of the culture and environment in which you work. Does the work environment encourage your personal growth self esteem and motivate you? So your work place also has to be balanced and healthy. A toxic work environment will affect your health and personal balance.

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